Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Halloween Book!

I apologize to anyone who read my top ten tuesday this week; I made a grave error. I didn't include the BEST HALLOWEEN-SPIRIT BOOK EVER! So, to make up for this, I will include a special "#0 book" addendum.

A Night of Blacker Darkness
by Dan Wells

I have two words to convince you all that this is the best halloween book:

Vampire bunnies.

This is a brilliantly witty, darkly humorous book by Dan Wells. John Keats and Mary Shelly are both prominent characters, and it's really just a literary explosion of hilarity. (Disclaimer: there actually aren't any vampire bunnies in this book; that's just a joke because Dan always refers to the book as "the vampire bunny book." The vampire bunnies do not actually appear in the published version, although they are still mentioned)

Have a delicious blurb:  
"Wrongly imprisoned, Frederick Whithers is desperate to commit the crime he's already being punished for: defrauding the bank out of a vast inheritance. He fakes his death to escape, but when he's seen climbing out of a coffin everyone assumes he's a vampire; when he shows none of the traditional vampire weaknesses, they decide he must be the Great One, the most powerful vampire in the history of the world.

Half horror and half farce, Frederick's tale is an ever-growing avalanche of bankers, constables, graverobbers, poets, ghouls, morticians, vampires, vampire hunters, not to mention some very unfortunate rabbits. With a string of allies even more unlikely than his enemies, can Frederick stay alive long enough to claim his (well, somebody's) money? And if he can't, which of his innumerable enemies will get to him first?"


  1. So THIS is the vampire bunnies book! I didn't know the name of it, of if it even got published. Then again, I'm a bad person and am only in the second season of Writing Excuses. I should change that.

    1. Yes! Just listen to all the episodes on a massive binge. That's what I did (and it's largely the reason it took me so long to finish writing my book xD). This actually isn't published in the US-- although it is in Germany and I think it's a pretty decent hit over there. Apparently America isn't quite weird enough for this one, so he just self published it.